A Leap Under the Sun

Hello! And welcome to THE LEAP AND THE NOONDAY SUN.

This is a space where I collect and share my (other) writing, the kind that ends up in paragraphs and not lines of dialogue.

Some are complete, some are in progress, some are published in full elsewhere, all of them are work. There is always work to be done.

I’ve borrowed some words from James Baldwin for this blog’s title. In The Devil Finds Work, Baldwin’s reflections on American cinema, he notes, amongst lots of poignant things, that:

beneath all this, as under a graveyard pallor, or the noonday sun, lay the fact that the leap demanded that I commit myself to the clear impossibility of becoming a writer, and attempting to save my family that way.

Man oh man, the Devil does, indeed, find work in idle hands and I’m trying to stay busy.

I collect other things in other containers over at STUDIES. And I tweet for my cat Peaches (rest her furry soul) @peacheslechat.

Catch up on old news and writings below. And feel free to share your thoughts or reflect on your own: All welcome under the sun.